Art Basel is coming up, and that means a lot of top artists are showing up in Miami. That includes Alexa Meade. Her talent is dynamic, but she needs you to bring her work to life.

For artist Alexa Meade, your body is her canvas.

Alexa Meade: “The person themselves becomes a living piece of artwork.”

In her work, Meade paints everything from the walls and floors, to people inside, making you do a double take.

Alexa Meade: “It kinda defies your expectations of space, of gravity, of how the world works.”

And she’s bringing her talents to South Beach.

Alexa Meade: “They took a leap of faith and allowed me to transform what would typically be a commercial store into this other worldly interactive art experience.”

But don’t expect your typical art gallery.

Alexa Meade: “The whole thing will be the world of a painting. The walls, floor — everything will be covered in paint in a way that will feel like a two-dimensional world.”

It typically takes Alexa 45 minutes to give the models their coats of many colors.

She spends the days before the main event painting her props. It’s an art she accidentally fell into while studying political science.

Alexa Meade: “I was interested in shadows, and I started covering things in a mask of paint that, all of a sudden, completely compressed the space and by quite accident, I was able to turn the world into a two-dimensional painting.”

The big picture here: don’t call it bodypainting.

Alexa Mesde: “I’m taking just people as they are. Their clothes, their personality, their hair and bringing that out of them. I’m giving exaggerated versions of themselves that doesn’t camouflage them into a background, but really just allows what’s inside of them to shine out.”

Since Meade can’t put her models into a frame, her art lives on in photos and…

Alexa Meade: “I keep all the clothes and painted objects. I’m holding onto those so when I’m 60 years old, if I’m a poor sad artist, I have something still that I can sell.”

And you can catch Alexa’s uber-cool art installation this Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday on Lincoln road, starting at 4 p.m.

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