And from an evil baby to a boss baby, who could theoretically also be an evil baby. Just not this one.

Alec Baldwin and Amy Sedaris star in “The Boss Baby: Family Business.”

But I made it my business to know what each of them were like as toddlers. And somehow astrology got brought into it?

There’s a new “Boss Baby” in the high chair.

Amy Sedaris (as Tina): “And now you work for me, Boomers!”

In “The Boss Baby: Family Business,” Ted, played by Alec Baldwin, has grown up into a successful CEO. But when he and his brother, Tim, take a magical formula, both become babies again for 48 hours!

Amy Sedaris (as Tina): “Yup! There’s the awkward stage.”

…and with the help of Tim’s daughter, Tina, played by Amy Sedaris, go undercover to prevent an evil genius from turning babies bad!

Jeff Goldblum (as Dr. Erwin Armstrong): “Welcome to the baby revolution!”

Alex Miranda: “I’ve gotta know, what were…”

Amy Sedaris: “Aries… Ha! Is that what you were going to ask me?”

Alec Baldwin: “Are you really? When’s your birthday?”

Amy Sedaris: “March 29. When’s yours?”

Alec Baldwin: “April 3.”

Amy Sedaris: “Oh, my gosh!”

Alec Baldwin: “Two Aries… That explains it!”

Alex Miranda: “Libra! Libra! What were the two of you like as babies? Were you angels or were you terrors?”

Amy Sedaris: “I do remember getting my mouth washed out with soap. Bad baby!”

Forget boss baby. Alec was a bougie baby.

Alec Baldwin: “I was royalty. I was treated differently from everyone else.”

Apparently, so much so…

Alec: “I said, ‘Grandpa, why are you and I such good friends? Why are we so close?’ And he goes, ‘Because we have a common enemy.'”

Alec has a big, blended family. There’s daughter Ireland with ex Kim Basinger, and six little ones with wife, Hilaria.

Alex Miranda: “I’m wondering if you’ve ever looked at your kids and thought, ‘I have a boss baby in this bunch.'”

Alec Baldwin: “Carmen is Tina in ‘Boss Baby.’ She’s very, very determined. But the one who looks like Boss Baby is my son Eduardo, who has a head like looks like a refrigerator. You just want to open his mouth and put groceries in it.”

Amy wasn’t a secret agent baby like her character, but she has always had a formula for success.

Amy Sedaris: “I was always trying to sell something to make money. Every time I go somewhere where there’s an audience.”

Alec Baldwin: “A hustler…”

Amy Sedaris: “A hustler…”

Alec Baldwin: “Not like a Jennifer Lopez hustler.”

Amy Sedaris: “Like I said, change. Selling the most Girl Scout cookies…That’s success to me.”

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” comes out next Friday, July 2.

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