The Olympics kick off in Rio next week, and a new sport is gonna make its debut. The people playing it are right here in South Florida. Deco’s hitting the beach for a game of footvolley.

Volleyball is a popular sport, especially here in SoFlo. Now there’s a new twist on an old game.

It’s called footvolley, and it’s taking South Florida by storm.

Sergio Menezes, Team USA Captain: “Footvolley is a sport that’s played two versus two on a beach volleyball court, with the big difference that you just can’t use your hands.”

Deco hit the beach in Sunny Isles and caught up with members of the U.S. Footvolley Team. They’re heading to the Olympics in Rio.

Melony Poviones, Team USA: “It’s really, really exciting. The only thing I’m focusing on is training and getting better to be the best at Rio.”

Footvolley will make its debut as a demonstration sport.

Sergio Menezes: “The sport originated in Brazil. We were one of the first organizations outside of Brazil to start promoting the sport. We did it right here in Miami Beach.”

The power move in volleyball is the spike. These players kick it up a notch.

Sergio Menezes: “They have a move that you go up and you hit it with their hands. We have a move where we go up and hit it with our foot, and you land almost on your head.”

Sergio Menezes: “That’s called the shark attack, and that’s like the slam dunk, if you will, of our sport.”

No red cards or fake injuries here. Footvolley is all about fun in the sun.

Sergio Menezes: “It’s similar to beach volleyball, kinda has a party-ish type atmosphere, but it’s also a very technical and exciting sport to watch.”

With plans for a permanent court and a kids camp, footvolley has scored a home in South Florida.

Sergio Menezes: “It takes a lot of stamina, and you gotta jump high to run the cord and soft sand, but it’s also a sport that anyone can play. It’s a sport that kids can play.”

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