There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa, but sometimes treatments can get a little pricey. Thanks to Spa Week, you can save big and feel great. Deco’s checking out two SoFlo spas where you can get pampered for less.

At Biscayne Wellness in Miami, you can get a facial, get a massage and even get your teeth whitened.

Julio Hernandez, DMD, Biscayne Wellness: “We focus on dentistry, skin care and integrated medicine.”

But next week, it’s all about getting pampered for peanuts.

Check out the Autumn Apple Citrus Scrub. Or wake up your face with the cacao and coffee complexion mask.

Kristina Lila, esthetician: “Coffee wakes you up in the morning, it’s gonna wake up your skin. Coffee will help you get back on pace with balancing the pH of your skin. Cacao is an Amazonian superfood. It’s filled with antioxidants.”

The mask also contains Greek yogurt and lemon. It’s so good you could eat it.

Kristina Lila: “This mask is not only great for your skin, but it also smells delicious.”

The savings are nothing to brush off.

Julio Hernandez: “The savings are really incredible. For Spa Week, all of these services are just $50.”

Customer: “My skin feels amazing. It just feels super smooth, and I just love it.”

It’ll be a week to remember at Spa 66 in Fort Lauderdale.

Adrienne Memmoli, Spa 66: “Spa Week is so exciting. This is a really good opportunity to show a lot of treatments for a very affordable price.”

From body scrubs to acupuncture, you’ll be feeling nifty for $50.

Check out the Pineapple Sugar Scrub.

Adrienne Memmoli: “We’ll be using fresh pineapple, coconut milk, truffle oil, and the sugar will exfoliate as well.”

Customer: “It makes the skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.”

You can also get acupuncture in a unique way — as jewelry.

Acupuncturist: “The ear acupuncture treatment we do here, you get the benefits of ear acupuncture with the beauty and sophistication of the Swarovski crystals. These points are related to balance and well-being.”

Customer: “It’s awesome. You feel very balanced afterwards, and you can continue to press the points to feel the balance, and the scrub feels amazing.”

Spa Week runs from Monday Oct. 17 through Sunday, Oct. 23.


Spa Week

Biscayne Wellness Center
350 N.E. 24th St. #105
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 572-1600

Spa 66
2301 S.E. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 790-6486

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