Adriana Lima promotes Bombshell fragrance on SoBe

Victoria’s Secret Angels have to make tons of appearances, and model Adriana Lima doesn’t mind promoting the brand at all… or any of the merch, including a new scent. Today she gave Deco a sneak peek… and a sneak whiff.

Things were angelic on South Beach Thursday. Fans lined up to see Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima, in the flesh at Victoria’s Secret on Lincoln Road.

Adriana Lima: "It’s great to be at a Victoria’s Secret store in my home. Meeting the fans, it’s really special that so many people show up to say hello."

Adriana was hanging out on SoBe, meeting and greeting fans.

Polina Gourin: "I’m shaking, I’m so excited I met her. And I got her to write my name. She’s amazing, she’s so nice."

She also took time to sign an autograph for her favorite TV show.

Adriana Lima: "It was great to be here signing autographs and meeting people and Victoria’s Secret fans. This is like my favorite part of the day."

The other reason Adriana was at the store was to promote the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fragrance Collection.

"Bombshell" is good for any woman, at anytime and has won three Fragrance Foundation awards.

Adriana Lima: "It’s a fruity, floral fragrance. It’s very discrete, yet glamorous."

This runway queen is from Brazil… but she calls Miami home.

Adriana Lima: "Everything about Miami, I love. The people, the weather, there are so many Brazilians here too. My family loves here. We feel so connected somehow to our roots in Brazil. It has a similar vibe."

With or without her Angel wings — it’s no secret what Adriana loves about the 305.

Adriana Lima: "I like to go to the beach. Just lay in the sun and swim. The water is so beautiful."

Adriana looks like an angel and she smells a bombshell — her favorite fragrance.