Lisa Edelstein has worked on TV shows from “The West Wing” to “House” to “The Kaminsky Method.”

But during the pandemic, she found a different way to express herself, and now she has her first West Coast solo art exhibition this weekend.

She played Gwyneth Morgan on the Fox series “9-1-1 Lone Star” and Golda Rosemblum in the crave drama “Little Bird.”

And now, actress, writer and director Lisa Edelstein, is painting the town all kinds of colors with her artwork.

Lisa Edelstein: “I always was drawing growing up, but I never really gave myself permission to think of it as anything beyond something that I did for myself.”

Her inspirations were picture perfect and came from old family photos.

Lisa Edelstein: “Sometimes they’re posed, because even in the pose, the people that are in the picture can’t avoid telling their story. But mostly they are caught moments.”

The love for the arts started during the pandemic. First she drew with magic markers.

Lisa Edelstein: “So I got myself some adult coloring books, and I just hated all the images in them. They were not interesting to me. So I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll just make my own coloring book.'”

Markers gave way to watercolors and larger pieces, and eventually, she had an exhibit at a New York show last year.

Lisa taught herself how to paint, and says her hubby Robert Russell, who’s also a painter, gave her work major props.

Lisa Edelstein: “Little by little, I realized, like, my version of expression is as valid as anybody else’s. I think that it doesn’t mean it’s great art, but it certainly has a place in the world.”

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