Actor Antonio Banderas talks Miami Fashion Week

We know Antonio Banderas for his movies, but the actor also has a love of high fashion. The always stylish Antonio sat down with Deco to talk about Miami Fashion Week, which kicks off Wednesday evening.

Designers, models and fashionistas are in town for Miami Fashion Week.

The five-day event will feature collections from established and up-and-coming designers.

Antonio Banderas: “We have had several days of fashion excitement.”

Antonio Banderas returns as the events’ honorary president.

He wants to put Miami on the map as a fashion destination, along with New York, Paris and Milan.

Antonio Banderas: “The big designers are putting their eyes on Miami Fashion Week like the possibility of becoming one of the future big cities of fashion in the world.”

Guests will see collections from Custo Barcelona and Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, along with one of Antonio’s favorites.

Antonio Banderas: “This year, something extraordinary is going to happen with Roberto Cavalli. He’s going to present 25 garments from his latest collection.”

Banderas currently stars in National Geographic’s “Genius” series playing Pablo Picasso.

Turns out the actor caught the fashion bug after launching his line of fragrances.

Antonio Banderas: “The genesis was the perfume company. It was an idea of friends of mine. It was very weird because, normally, it happens in the opposite direction. You start with the garments and the fashion and then the perfumes and all those complements come later. But I started in the opposite direction.”

Antonio will host a charity gala with proceeds going to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

It’s all part of a plan to put Miami on the fashion map.

Antonio Banderas: “Last year, we were packed. What’s gonna happen this year? It’s pretty much just to see how this city has the capacity to take actually take this as something that is theirs.”


Miami Fashion Week

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