Accessorizing accessories at Neiman Marcus Coral Gables

What do women love more? Purses, shoes or jewelry? Well if Chris must know, Lynn doesn’t have a favorite. She loves them all, and she especially loves how trendy these accessories are this season.

Accessorizing your accessories is this season’s biggest trend.

From pom poms on bags to pom poms on your shoes — we’ve got you covered head to toe thanks to Neiman Marcus Coral Gables.

Katharine Rubino, Neiman Marcus: “The season’s really about mixing and matching and really making your look really you.”

Fendi and Valentino got their strap on this season in one of the hottest trends to hit the runway — purse straps.

Katharine Rubino: “This is a really fun trend because it gives a kick to your handbag.”

From bold colors, to floral patterns …

Katharine Rubino: “You have such a variety to really show your personality and to just give a whole new look to your handbag.”

They’re interchangeable…

Katharine Rubino: “You can take your existing handbag, buy a strap and immediately, you’re updated for the spring.”

Updating your purse game costs between $1,000 and $4,000.

The next trend will put a pep in your step.

Katharine Rubino: “Shoes today have such personality.”

From bejeweled heels to pom poms —

Katharine Rubino: “Shoes with embellishment are a big trend this season.”

Celebrities are these pom pom’s biggest cheerleaders.

Katharine Rubino: “They’re really playful. They’re really fun to wear and flirty and feminine.”

The shoes range from a couple hundred dollars to about $1,000.

Last but not least — let your ears do the talking.

Katharine Rubino: “Statement earrings are a big trend.”

From long fringes, to beaded earrings to big gold hoops, you know, a la J. Lo.

Katharine Rubino: “These statement earrings come in all shapes and sizes.”

They’ll set you back between $400 and $700 but you’ll be ringing in true style.

Just remember…

Katharine Rubino: “Bigger is better.”


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