‘A Private War’ tells tale of war journalist Marie Colvin

The seasons are changing here in South Florida. And we don’t mean fall to winter … those don’t exist here. We’re talking about the awards season a.k.a. when Hollywood starts releasing a bunch of Oscar bait. Deco’s human award trophy Chris Van Vliet is here to tell us about one of those films.

This is that time of year where yes, we get some big blockbuster movies like “Venom” or “Bohemian Rhapsody.” We also get some gritty, dramatic roles like this one. I went across the pond to London to sit down with the cast of “A Private War.”

Rosamund Pike (as Marie Colvin): “I have nightmares every night. You’ve seen more war than most soldiers. You have to take it seriously.”

In “A Private War,” Rosamund Pike plays celebrated war correspondent Marie Colvin. This is a real life look at who Marie was, and the wars she so bravely covered.

Chris Van Vliet: “Your embodiment of Marie is incredible, it’s spot on. I want to know from when you got the role to when you felt comfortable with going, ‘OK, I’ve got it.'”

Rosamund Pike: “That’s a very good question. It’s probably months of preparation, I knew there was so much I had to change.”

One of the biggest things she had to get used to was wearing an eyepatch. Marie lost her eye after being hit by a grenade in Sri Lanka.

Rosamund Pike (as Marie Colvin): “I’m not armed! Journalist.” *Explosion*

As you can see there, Marie was incredibly fearless. By her side at all times, was war photographer Paul Conroy. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the real Paul, and Jamie Dornan who plays him in the movie.

Chris Van Vliet: “When you first met Jamie, were you like, ‘That’s going to me?’ like were you impressed? Or were you like, ‘That’s going to going to be me?'”

Paul Conroy: “It’s not been bad for me, I’ve inherited about 1,000 weird tweeters.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Yeah, you’ve got some very interesting fans, Jamie.”

Jamie Dornan: “Yeah, hence why I’m not on social media.”

Paul Conroy: “Don’t go there mate.”

It turns out Paul and Jamie had more in common than they thought.

Jamie Dornan: “I had quite a keen interest in photography before anyway. I probably own as many cameras as you own, but all film cameras.”

Paul Conroy: “Probably in better condition.”

Jamie Dornan: “They’re not filled with sand.”

The film is very intense, and makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action. Rosamund Pike’s performance is so incredibly powerful it could earn her her second Oscar nomination.

Rosamund Pike: “She was ambitious, she was competitive but it wasn’t really that. It was a belief that she could make a difference.”

“A Private War” is in theaters on Friday and this movie is gut wrenching to think of the lengths Marie Colvin would go to to get a story. And here I am over here rappelling down buildings to get my stories.

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