White and gold carved wooden panels made in India, guitars on the wall, giant lion heads, rock band lyrics on tables, pink lights, WHOA!!!!! What is this place? If the Versace mansion mashed up with the Hard Rock I have a feeling it would look like 9beach Fusion Kitchen & Lounge Bar. But hey don't let the funky decor throw you off. The food here is pretty good and the vibe is easy breezy.

Snack on 9beach's take on salmon tartar ($15) , an avocado stuffed with salmon and mixed herbs. Or try the Indian pakora a deeeee-lish little fried lentil patty served on lemony yogurt sauce. Hungry for something a little heartier? The skirt steak ($28) will leave you feeling satisfied. If seafood is your thing then don't miss the misto di mare ($45), a fresh seafood dish served in a casserole with veggies and beans in a creamy wine butter sauce. The menu is Mediterranean inspired, casual and light and they also serve craft cocktails.

With 7 other 9beach locations in Israel, the owners here know a thing or two about hospitality. There's an indoor dining room and a 5-thousand square foot outdoor patio. It's a come one come all policy here. No velvet rope, VIP list or long waits in line. If dinner and a side of party is your thing then you've come to the right place.

9beach Fusion Kitchen & Lounge Bar
1626 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL
(786) 327-6073

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