90 second pizza at Flash Fire Pizza

There is fast food, and then there is really fast food. There’s a spot in Fort Lauderdale where it’s quick — and you get it your way. And here, a combo isn’t about fries and a drink. It’s about two meals in one.

Flash Fire Pizza in Fort Lauderdale is turning pizza lovers into pizza builders. And they’re doing it fast.

Jason Frese, Flash Fire Pizza: “Flash Fire Pizza is a fast casual pizzeria that cooks pizza in under 90 seconds.”

You heard right. Ninety seconds.

Start with the dough, and away you go.

Jason Frese: “It’s like an assembly line. You come in, you start at the beginning. You pick out your dough, and then you pick your cheese and you move down to proteins and vegetables.”

Their seven house-made sauces range from spicy red to barbecue. From gorgonzola to goat, the 11 cheeses are ooey gooey good, but that’s just the beginning.

Jason Frese: “We have 16 vegetable toppings to choose from, and some are outside the box like butternut squash.”

And then there’s the meat.

Jason Frese: We have 14 different protein toppings, from chicken and steak to soppressata and capicola. We slice them daily. They go right on top of your pizza.”

And if you can’t decide, get a little of each, or maybe a lot.

Quinton Martin: “Sky’s the limit. As much as you think you can have, they will give it to you.”

They even have some specially pies. Sushi pizza, anyone?

Jason Frese: “A lot of people love sushi and a lot love pizza, and we put it together.”

The Phat Boy Pie is topped with sashimi.

Jason Frese: “What you would sometimes find in a sushi roll, we do in a pizza. We do a base of an avocado mash and then snap pea dust that tastes like a tempura crunch, and we put a sashimi grade tuna.”

And kids of all ages will love the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pie.

An Alfredo sauce base gets topped with five cheese mac and cheese — and then even more cheese.

Jason Frese: “We bake it and we put potato chips on top. It gives you a nice crunch.”

Finish off your pizza with more pizza…

The Presley is topped with peanut butter and bananas, and The Nuttymallow has Nutella and marshmallows.

Jason Frese: “We flash fire it, so marshmallows expand and get a nice char.”

It’s all cooked in a super hot oven, so you can go from order to eating in a flash.

Jason Frese: “People enjoy watching us make the pizza and slice because they know they are getting the freshest ingredients.”


Flash Fire Pizza
2949 N. Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
(954) 440-2426

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