‘9-1-1’ spring premiere depicts fiery freeway wreck, team member’s family issues

The action’s heating up on Fox’s “9-1-1.” The show returns Monday, but the stars are already burning with excitement.

Angela Bassett (as Sgt. Athena Grant): “How many people have to die tonight?”

Jennifer Love Hewitt (as Maddie Kendall): “It’s all happening so fast!”

The spring premiere of Fox’s “9-1-1” is off to a fiery start. The 118 is dealing with a freeway emergency.

At the same time, another team member goes into labor, and another is dealing with family issues. 9-1-1 needs to call 9-1-1.

Angela Bassett, who plays LAPD Sgt. Athena, says this season feels very real and very personal.

Angela Bassett: “We’re highlighting what’s going on in real life around the world, and so it’s been a bit of a challenge, and it’s been interesting as well. We’re still doing origin stories, and I love how we also bring back characters that we’ve introduced you to.”

The series will also deliver more of its signature large-scale action.

Actor Oliver Stark says he’s always amazed by what they’re able to create on set.

Oliver Stark: “We have such a brilliant crew that build these set pieces, and for me, the show is always strongest when those emergencies directly or indirectly mirror what’s going on in our first responders’ lives, and they’re able to learn something about themselves through the emergency that they’re tasked with dealing with.”

All that makes his job a little easier.

Oliver Stark: “We don’t have to pretend that this crazy thing is here. It really is here. You’ve found a way. It’s a real credit to the show that they’ve continued to kind of raise that bar higher and higher.”

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