‘9-1-1’ cast gains new appreciation for first responders

“9-1-1” is lighting up televisions like a 9-1-1 switchboard. The uber fast-paced show with an A-list cast is killing it week after week, but they know as hard as they work, the real life heroes are working even harder.

Connie Britton (as Abby Clark): “9-1-1. What’s your emergency?”

The urgent call!

Caller: “I’m on Flight 47, and we are going down.”

The urgent music!

It all goes into making the new hit drama “9-1-1” compelling TV.

Caller: “I need to leave a message for my wife. Let her know that I love her and our little girl so, so much.”

But while it looks stressful on TV, the stars know that’s nothing compared to real life.

Oliver Stark: “The biggest compliment the show could ever be paid was a first responder watching it and going, ‘You know what? That’s how I feel. That’s what I experience.'”

The stars took time out before tonight’s episode to give big props to the real life superheroes responding to every emergency, big or small.

Oliver Stark: “And if we can start to shed light on that and, as you say, kind of pay tribute and respect to that, then I think we are doing a good job.”

Oliver Stark (as Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley): “I love this job because, sure, I get to be tough guy, but I also get to help people.”

Sure, the stars are sexy and brooding and always swooping in to save the day, but the real life heroes are focused on one thing — saving lives.

Connie Britton: “I was most impressed and astounded by the level of training. The training that they have to go through is really extraordinary.”

Oliver Stark (as Evan ‘Buck’ Buckley): “Does it get any easier?”

Peter Krause (as Bobby Nash): “Nope.”

Connie Britton: “And they have to manage six computer screens at the same time, corresponding with somebody who’s in a crisis situation and the police and the fire department.”

Somehow, it makes watching my TV, iPad, phone and watch not seem quite as important.

Peter Krause (as Bobby Nash): “Everyday we encounter people having the worst day of their lives.”

Oliver Stark: “When a call comes in, there’s no other guy.”

At the moment of truth, there is no backing out.

Oliver Stark: “Whatever it is, however severe it is, however easy it is, there’s no one else they can call to say, ‘Listen, I don’t want to do this one.'”

Connie Britton (as Abby Clark): “It takes a certain kind of person to run towards danger.”

And doing this show has only amplified their admiration for the first responders putting their lives on the line.

Aisha Hinds: “To know that they are doing this day in and day out, and it’s not like just one case a day — it’s multiple cases for these people who do this job.”

Connie Britton (as Abby Clark): “For those of us that choose this life, there’s no place we’d rather be.”

Peter Krause (as Bobby Nash): “Hustle up!”

Angela Basset and the crew are back to save the day at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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