’80s dramedy ‘Shoplifters of the World’ portrays Smiths fans dealing with band’s breakup

Music and movies are a match made in heaven, right? There’s a new film in theaters that’ll have you rocking down memory lane. Deco’s spinning records with the cast of “Shoplifters of the World.”

Ellar Coltrane (as Dean): “You know, The Smiths may be dead, but all the albums are still here.”

Helena Howard (as Cleo): “I wish there was a way to get all the posers in this town to take notice.”

Break-ups suck, especially when it’s your favorite band.

Helena Howard (as Cleo): “The Smiths broke up.”

Elena Kampouris (as Sheila): “What?!”

It’s the day the music died, in the new dramedy “Shoplifters of the World.”

British rock band The Smiths have called it quits, and four friends decide to spend a crazy night together to celebrate them.

Helena Howard is the group’s leader, Cleo, and she’s going through a pretty tough time.

Helena Howard: “Everything in her life is falling apart. She has nothing, really, in her mind left to live for. What’s the purpose in life? And The Smiths were the only thing keeping her going, letting her know that, yes, there’s a life to live. There’s a better world. ”

Meanwhile, another brokenhearted fan holds a radio station DJ, played by Joe Manganiello, hostage, and makes him play nothing but songs by The Smiths.

Joe Manganiello: “It’s such an homage and such a love letter to The Smiths, and so, Morrissey responded to that.”

There are 20 songs by The Smiths throughout the movie, and the cast and crew both say they wanted to make sure everything in the film looked and felt realistic.

Stephen Kijak: “This is a very personal movie. Those kids are me and my friends, right? I grew up at that era. I’m an ’80s kid.”

Joe Manganiello: We were not interested in making a film that looked like a caricature. We really wanted to build a time machine in a way to transport people back to 1987 to really make you feel like you were there and it was authentic.”

Helena Howard (as Cleo): “To the charming man holding the radio station hostage, thank you from all of us, right, guys?”

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