73 questions for model Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has all the answers. At least she did when Vogue Magazine popped by her Brooklyn apartment recently to ask her 73 questions. She had 73 answers.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl was ready for anything that came her way.

Vogue: “Beauty questions while you’re in front of the mirror.”

Ashley Graham: “All right.”

Vogue: “What’s one look you wish you could pull off but cannot?”

Ashley Graham: “Curvy girls can pull off any look. It’s what we do.”

The questioning continued while Ashley disappeared in her bedroom to get her look on.

As she emerged looking lovely, she was asked a musical question.

Vogue: “If you were in a band, what would the band name be?”

Ashley Graham: “It would be called Ashley and the Holla-grams.”

We have one more question for Ashley: How did you get so cool?

73 Questions with Ashley Graham

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