Willy Wonka’s not the only guy with a chocolate factory turning out over-the-top delights. The folks at 5150 Chocolate in Miami have upped the game big time. You can admire all their handiwork — then buy ’em and eat ’em all up!

Gene Wilder (as Willy Wonka): “There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination.”

Move over, Willy Wonka. At Miami’s 5150 Chocolate, imagination is on display.

Superheroes and crafted candies will send chocolate lovers swooning.

The work goes down at their factory up north in Delray Beach.

Tyler Levitetz, chocolatier: “We’re the only certified organic chocolate factory in the State of Florida, and we’re the only ones taking it through the whole process, kind of like the big guys would.”

Imported cocoa beans are run through various vintage machines until liquid goodness comes flowing out.

Tyler Levitetz: “Everything’s done by hand. It takes around two weeks to make one batch.”

Literally nothing goes to waste here.

Tyler Levitetz: “We just had like bricks and bricks of chocolate we couldn’t use, and one night I started playing, and might as well sit there as a sculpture, so all those are done by hand. There’s no molds. Some of them are up to 350 pounds.”

Not all their creations are that big.

For Easter, they’ve come up with some great stuff you wouldn’t expect to find anywhere else.

Tyler Levitetz: “We wanted to have fun with the ‘Game of Thrones’ stuff, the Easter bunnies with the kind of ‘Oh, crap’ faces ’cause they’re about to get eaten.”

The Miami store is a showplace for the factory’s ideas.

Tyler Levitetz: “I wanted to set it up almost like an art gallery so you can walk in, and it’s mostly stuff on display. There’s a lot of stuff you can buy right there, but a lot of it is for custom orders, so more to show people what we can do.”

What they can do is only limited only by their imagination. Willy Wonka would definitely approve.

Tyler Levitetz: “A lot of ‘Star Wars’ stuff, Pikachu stuff, stuff that resonates with people but also pretty weird.”

Customer: “This is amazing. I didn’t even want to try it. I just want to hold it and, I don’t know, keep it in my closet.”


5150 Chocolate of Miami
164 NE 41st St.
Miami, FL 33137

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