Pets are great companions. They make for good memes, too. Three incredibly well-behaved, super spoiled cats are the internet’s newest stars. Their social media videos are un-fur-gettable.

The internet has Grumpy Cat, Doug the Pug and, wait just a second, you’ve gotta be “kitten” me!

Fifi Furrha: “What have you done to my cats?!”

Kareem Khalil: “We’re just enjoying our time”

Fifi Furrha: “This isn’t normal!”

Say “meow” to the latest social media sensations — Chase, Skye and Millie.

Kareem Khalil: “I have your happy meals! I got your favorite: Chicken nuggets! Also, there’s a toy inside there for you, too.”

Their social media account is called Don’t Stop Meowing, and the human stars, AKA their owners, are Kareem Khalil and Fifi Furrha.

Kareem Khalil: “It hit during COVID, right?”

Fifi Furrha: “Spending all the time with our cats, we started filming them, and we found people were enjoying those videos. I didn’t think they would blow up.”

Nearly 5 million followers on Tik Tok, 600,000 on Instagram!

One of their videos was just featured on “Inside Edition.”

Kareem Khalil: “We’re having a spa day.”

Fifi Furrha: “Spa day. OK, enough of this nonsense. Let’s go Chase.”

Chase: “Meooow!”

You get the gist by now. Kareem spoils the cats rotten, and Fifi is beside herself.

Fifi Furrha: “So you put my cats in a bassinet?”

Kareem Khalil: “Shush. It’s storytime.”

It’s apparently their real life turned up to 11.

Fifi Furrha: “What you see is what you get. I mean, honestly, that is how it is. He spoils the heck out of them.”

Fifi Furrha: “Are you kidding me?!”

Kareem Khalil: “You can always go sleep on the couch!”

Fifi Furrha: “You want me to go sleep on the couch?”

But how on Earth do they get the cats to cooperate?!

Fifi Furrha: “There are a lot of treats involved, and they get the best treats ever, so they know what they’re doing.”

Kareem Khalil: “They’re very close to us, too.”

Fifi Furrha: “They trust us.”

Kareem Khalil: “Like, when we come home after a long time, they’re waiting at the door for us.”

We’re impressed Millie, Chase and Skye even sat still for part of our Deco interview! Hi guys!

Kareem Khalil: “They can’t live without being around us.”

Fifi Furrha: “It’s true!”

Awww. It’s such an honor meeting celebrities.

Kareem Khalil: “You’re already home?”

Fifi Furrha: “This again?”

Kareem Khalil: “Yeah, it’s spa day.”


Don’t Stop Meowing

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