3 themed bars that will make you escape Miami

Good vibes. Good drinks. Good service. That’s what a bar needs to be successful. When it’s transformed into something else, something exotic or memorable, it becomes really special. Deco’s found a trio of themed bars that transport customers out of the neighborhood and into places far, far away.

It’s Destination: Morocco once you enter Miami’s Bar Bevy.

Karol Ansaldi, manager: “The experience you’re gonna get is unique. Nothing compared to anything in the Miami Design District.”

The whole place is themed like the North African country — from the ceiling lamps to the pillows and couches in the middle of the room, but it’s the tent that attracts your attention.

Karol Ansaldi: “The textures of the materials, they are Moroccan. Like the tables are Moroccan as well like the design of the tables on the bottom.”

Hanging out in the curtain-covered tent is exclusive. You’ve got to reserve it in advance.

You and your BFFs are treated like rock stars, sipping cocktails and nibbling on bar food. If you don’t have time for an actual trip to Morocco, this is the next best thing.

Vanessa Castano, customer: “The vibe is great. You definitely feel like you’ve traveled out of Miami. You feel like you’re across the seas.”

Let’s face it. Sometimes, only an Asian experience will do. That’s what you get at Tea Room in Brickell’s East Miami hotel.

Sebastian Ortiz, manager: “So Tea Room is a mysterious Hong Kong-inspired speakeasy. We also serve dinner.”

The Asian influence is all around — on the columns behind the bar, and in the way the room is set up. You’ll be able to taste it, too.

Sebastian Ortiz: “We use a lot of ingredients that are very common in Asia, and we try to make a mix with Asian-inspired drinks and Asian-inspired cuisine as well.”

The tuna tower is one tasty example of a far east dish bound to fill you with happiness.

The laughing capo craft cocktail is led by a mix of ginger and vodka.

Tea Room will take you away.

Chloe Hart, customer: “I just love the vibe here. I feel like it’s an escape above the city.”

El Patio in Wynwood recreates a very special place — your abuela’s backyard.

Catalina Monsalve, vice president: “We all remember our grandmothers and the way they used to treat the garden, the way they used to serve the food.”

The folks at El Patio knew what they wanted to do with the place from the start.

Catalina Monsalve: “We said, ‘Let’s make a patio, and let’s focus on the Latin American decorations.'”

We don’t know if grandma ever served cocktails like this one. The gigantic kiwi mojito, or whipped up dishes like short rib tacos and pork sliders.

One thing we do know is your abuela would approve of El Patio.

Kathy Isaacs, customer: “Even though I’m far away from Colombia, it makes me feel home. I like the place. I like the people.”


Bar Bevy
Miami Design District
90 NE 39th St.
Miami, FL 33137

Tea Room
East Miami Hotel, 40th Floor
788 Brickell Plaza
Miami, FL 33131

El Patio Wynwood
167 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127

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