It’s Miami Swim Week, which means it’s time for a ton of fun and showing some buns!

The Wave Fashion Show is making its way onshore tomorrow and it’s gonna be a splashing good time!

Deco caught up with a few designers who are getting us into the swim of things for summer.

Make wave for the latest fashion show washing over south beach, because this wave is truly taking it to the street.

Troy White: “It is on Espanola Way East. It’s the first time any fashion show has ever happened on Washington Avenue. It’s going to be fun.”

Muurswagg is bringing its swag to help you bring yours.

Jael Roumain: “Our brand just stands out — from the prints, the style the quality of fabrics, so when a woman sees Muurswagg she’s like ‘yes’, ‘slay’, ‘fashion’, ‘trendy.'”

Murrrswagg says, you can slay all day in their designs. The murr, the murrier.

Jael Roumain: “We want to be able to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. We want the sexy woman, we want a mom, or someone who’s just going out for casual look.”

At House of Athlete, it’s not just what they have. It’s what you wanna be.

Michi Marshall: “Fashion is really important in communicating who you are on the inside. It’s an expression of self.”

And if you bring your “self” to the Wave Fashion Show, here’s what House of Athlete has:

Michi Marshall: “You’ll see stone, which is some earth tones, some white, and a Sri Lanka print. You’ll see the Sri Lanka print, which is the cow print, as well as some other earth tones.”

You don’t really have to keep an eye out for designer Lila Nikole. Her styles are designed to grab your attention.

Lila Nikole: “I like color, and I’m not afraid to pair obnoxious colors together limes, citrons, orange, pinks blues, purples — there’s a wild palette.”

And if you’re daring enough to wear it here, she’s gonna make it worth your while.

Lila Nikole: “I’m definitely daring in the way that I cut the suits, it gives you pops in your wardrobe.”

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