3-D Treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar

Getting candy for a dime is so a few decades ago. There’s a sweet spot in SoFlo where it may cost a little more for a piece of candy, but since it’s made just for you, it’s worth every penny.

Life in SoFlo just got a lot sweeter, because Dylan’s Candy Bar on South Beach has a magical addition.

Melissa Snover, Magic Candy Factory: “The Magic Candy Factory is the world’s first 3-D printer for gummy candy.”

You don’t need 3-D glasses for this show. The Magic Candy Factory is making sweet treats right before your very eyes.

Melissa Snover: “The customer can become their own Willy Wonka and make any candy in their imagination.”

For $20, candy lovers create the candy — picking everything from the flavor to the design.

Melissa Snover: “They can choose messages and shapes, or they can choose to upload a photograph or a logo.”

Even the Deco Drive logo!

Or make it personal. Send a gummy greeting by saying “congratulations” in candy, or create the sweetest selfie around.

Hey who’s that handsome fella? (Psst. It’s Chris.)

Melissa Snover: “A lot of people, we noticed, are making gifts.”

You can even draw your own designs.

Trevel Cartwright: “It was a fun activity.”

And if you need some ideas, there’s plenty to pick from.

Melissa Snover: “We have over 200 shapes that we designed for the candy medium.”

From sea creatures to space ships, the sky and the skyline’s the limit.

Melissa Snover: “The machine goes in a special pattern and pushes out gummy candy in two-dimensional layers, one after another, and then presto. In five minutes, you have your three-dimensional shape.”

Once you pick the design, it’s all about the taste.

Melissa Snover: “Choose from eight different colors and flavors and three magic finishing sprays.”

Go for an elderberry octopus or a green apple frog. It’s all-natural and vegan.

Melissa Snover: “We don’t use any gelatin of any kind. It’s literally four ingredients: fruit puree, glucose from vegetables, citric acid and apple pectin. It is really clean candy.”

Then, finish it off with a magical dusting.

Melissa Snover: “It’s edible glitter or edible fizzy or edible sour. You can make three varieties of every flavor.”

The Magic Candy Factory is easy for kids of all ages to use and enjoy.

Magic Candy Factory

Dylan’s Candy Bar
801 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, Fla. 33139
(305) 531-1988

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