Sweet victory is on the line this weekend. Dessert Wars are ready to rage in Miami. For more, here’s our sweet treat, Alex Miranda.

Experts agree, dessert is the most important meal of the day. It doesn’t matter which experts…

Just go with me on this and you’ll wanna go, because South Florida is the battleground for this week’s Dessert Wars Miami. Sweet.

Dessert Wars is one sweet battle!

This Sunday, the best desserts in town are duking it out. The goal: Getting crowned Dessert Wars Miami Champ!

Brad Matthews: “Dessert Wars is the largest dessert festival in America. we are born and raised in Miami.”

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the place to bite!

Brad Matthews: “Nowhere else can you go under one roof with 50 plus dessert vendors sampling their best.”

Gooie Goodies is ready for the sugary showdown. Their gourmet rice crispy treats are next-level goodness.

Steven Barr: “What makes us different is that we put so many different ingredients into our treats — Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, different types of chocolate. It’s not really a rice cereal treat. “

They’ll be armed with fan favorites.

Steven Barr: “We are bringing our two best flavors to Dessert Wars which is our cookies and cream and our Yabba Dabba Goo, which is a Fruity Pebble mix.”

Is it a cookie? A mini pie? It’s both! And it’s Oh My Cookie Pie’s contender at this sugar rush.

Kyle James: “Oh My Cookie Pie is basically a homemade scratch cookie with a gooey center.”

There’s an explosion of flavor inside every cookie pie. And, you’ll have two to choose from.

Kyle James: “The Love Strong cookie and the chocolate chip cookie. Our chocolate chip cookie is a chocolate chip sugar cookie with semi-sweet ganache in the middle.”The Love Strong cookie is birthday cake cookie with our homemade marshmallows in the middle.”

Nelly’s Fried Creamery is throwing down the confectionery gauntlet.

Janelle “Nellly” Augustin: “We take your favorite ice cream and wrap it inside a dessert like a cookie donut cake, anything you can think of and batter it and fry it.”

A dessert inside a dessert inside a fried dessert. Triple the amazing-ness!

Janelle “Nellly” Augustin: “We are bringing to dessert wars our best three flavors. Our ‘Know What I Mean,’ our chocolate chip cookie with cookies and cream ice cream. Our ‘She Wasn’t Red-y’ is red velvet cake wrapped around cheesecake ice cream. And we are bringing ‘Go Shawty,’ which is funfetti cake wrapped around birthday cake ice cream.”

Just remember, it’s about the treats!

Brad Matthews: “There’s nothing savory, there’s no alcohol, there’s nothing else. I think that is why a lot of fans coined it the sweetest day ever.”

Tickets for Dessert Wars are still available.


Dessert Wars
Miami Airport Convention Center
2100 NW 42nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33126

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