’24: Legacy’ gears up for season finale

(WSVN) - Things are getting intense on “24: Legacy,” and as the show heads towards its season finale, it’s only going to get better! Deco’s Chris Van Vliet caught up with one of the stars of the show to get the scoop on what we can expect.

Fans of Jack Bauer and “24” are loving “24: Legacy.” It’s all the heart-stopping excitement of the original show, with an all-new cast. And if you haven’t been watching, you better catch up. They’re already six hours in, which in the world of “24” means six episodes.

Corey Hawkins (as Eric Carter): “They are still out there. Either we give up or we hunt them down.”

FOX’s high stakes drama “24: Legacy” is already halfway through its 12-episode season. Co-star Anna Diop says the action isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Anna Diop: “The stress and urgency of the situation definitely escalates.”

Anna Diop (as Nicole Carter): “Why does it need to be you?”

Corey Hawkins (as Eric Carter): “‘Because I’m the only one I can trust.”

Anna plays the wife of hero Eric Carter. Her character goes into hiding with her drug-dealing brother in-law.

Corey Hawkins (as Eric Carter): “No one can know where she is. These people are serious.”

Ashley Thomas (as Isaac Carter): “So am I.”

Anna Diop: “The twists and the turns in it are so unexpected. The things that happen are impossible to imagine.”

Anna Diop: “More active in different ways, that you wouldn’t imagine. Nicole is a nurse, and so you see that come into play later in the season, and more emotionally involved with different people.”

Dan Bucatinsky (as Andy Shalowitz): “What if you’re wrong about this?”

Anna likes the theme of everyday people fighting terrorism.

Anna Diop: “It spoke to this idea of homegrown terrorist. It’s frightening and unfortunately something that exists.”

And she loves interacting with fans during the show.

Anna Diop: “We live-tweet with everyone, so it’s fun to kind of see, as the show’s happening, how they’re responding, and in general they are so excited about many of the storylines.”

“24: Legacy” continues its legacy every Monday night right after Deco.

The show takes place in real time, right? So every minute in the show is one minute in real life. Do you ever notice how there’s always something going on every single second for them? Which makes you wonder, do they ever go to the bathroom?

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