Push-ups, pull-ups, running with a hose. You have to be in good shape to be a firefighter. They work up a sweat even when there isn’t a flame in sight, and the really fit ones get to show off their hard work in South Florida’s Firefighter Calendar. The 2017 edition was just released. Quick! Somebody hose me down!

It was a room in a full state of emergency, Thursday night. Someone call 911!

South Florida’s hottest firefighters unveiled their 2017 calendar at the Crown Plaza on Hollywood Beach.

Hialeah Fire Lt. Luis Espinosa: “This year, the cover and the calendar is just phenomenal.”

This isn’t just any old calendar. It’s their 25th anniversary, and proceeds go directly to charity.

Luis Espinosa: “Benefiting the UM Jackson Burn Center, Safe Haven for Newborns, Friends Forever Pet Rescue and Here’s Help.”

Backstage, the guys got a first look at their photos, a payoff for all their hard work.

Miami Fire Rescue Firefighter OJ Herrera: “It was definitely difficult, to say the least, since January training for this.”

Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Jackson Deglace: “I changed my diet. I stopped eating carbs! Got rid of the rice, got rid of the bread.”

Miami Fire Rescue Firefighter Beatler Marcellus: “I worked extremely hard. I mean, I’m a fat boy at heart. I love cookies, brownies, cakes, anything with sugar I just absolutely adore, and I had to go on a strict diet for six to eight months.”

Davie Fire Rescue Firefighter Al Lawrence: “I’ve been on four times, and I’ve trained day and night because these guys are younger, so I have to keep up with them, so I have to train hard”

And soon it was time to show off their stuff and entertain the ladies.

Some of the firefighters were kinda nervous.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Firefighter: “Of course, always nervous, but it’s a good nervous.”

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Firefighter Henry Wong : “You always get a little bit nervous, especially since I’m not a top-notch dancer.”

Uh … we beg to differ.

Oakland Park Fire Rescue Firefighter Jason Suite: “You let go of your inhibitions because you’re doing something good, something fun, so when those two things match, it’s actually pretty easy.”

OJ Herrera: “You pretty much go in having an idea, but when you get there, it kinda goes out the window and you just basically go all out.”

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Firefighter Andres Villegas: “I love being on stage. To me, if you’re there with the cameras, you’re gonna get to see an awesome performance.”

He wasn’t lying, so we’ll leave you with Mr. November. Enjoy.

Each calendar is only 20 bucks.

2017 South Florida Firefighters Calendar

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