2 Doral dessert shops create great-tasting, ‘Instagramable’ milkshakes

Milkshakes are a perfect combination of a drink and a dessert, but in South Florida we like to mix things up, so Deco is checking out some of the most fun and funky ice cold milkshakes. These drinks will have you saying “Holy cow!”

Sloan’s Ice Cream in Doral is shaking up South Florida’s milkshake game.

Caitlin Dabrosca, Sloan’s Ice Cream: “We cater to kids of all ages. When people come in here, they just feel right at home. They feel like a kid again, and everyone just loves it.”

Sloan’s is loaded wall to wall with some really sweet stuff, but the star of the show is their specialty shakes.

Caitlin Dabrosca: “The mermaids and unicorns are crazy popular now.”

Sloan’s unicorn strawberry shake is a sugar lovers dream.

Just don’t tell your dentist you had a shake with candy and a mini slice of rainbow cheese cake.

Caitlin Dabrosca: “The unicorn milkshake tastes fruity, fun and fresh.”

Or, dive right into a blueberry flavored mermaid shake.

Caitlin Dabrosca: “It’s a white chocolate mermaid tail that we dust with purple and blue glitter. It tops off the whole shake and makes the whole thing.”

And choco-holics will love the triple chocolate shake.

Caitlin Dabrosca: “We decided to incorporate all parts of our store. Items from our candy wall, our chocolate case and of course the ice cream that goes into it as well.”

Albert Chevaz, customer: “Everyone needs to come down and try this because I think these shakes are fantastic.”

Holy Shakes, also in Doral, is making edible works of art.

Stephanie Munarriz, Holy Shakes: “We have been playing with different textures and toppings and the colors we use in our shakes to make them more visually appealing to the public while ensuring they taste amazing.”

The Nutella crunch is a towering glass of deliciousness.

It’s up to you to decide if you eat the brownies or drink the shake first.

The strawberry pavlova shake is two treats in one. Yes, that’s a filled meringue dessert on top.

Marielena Marrero, customer: “This one tastes like a pavlova. I don’t know if anyone has had that, but it’s so good. It tastes like I am eating the cake in a milkshake.”

Go nuts for the coconut! This tropical treat has a passion fruit ice pop on top, and the unicorn shake is a pastel dream in a glass.

Who knew you could put so many pink, blue and yellow candies into a shake?

Stephanie Munarriz: “We wanted Holy Shakes to be an Instagramable shop, and we wanted people to come and share their experience on social media.”


Sloan’s Ice Cream
(inside CityPlace Doral)
8300 NW 36th St., Suite 132
Doral, FL 33166

Holy Shakes
7761 NW 107th Ave., Suite 2-09
Doral, FL 33178

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