Wrestling is still going strong on TV after all these years. Hey, here in Miami, people even get out of their cars and wrestle right there on the interstate, bro! But, in the new Starz show “Heels,” pro wrestling is the family business. Tonight, we’re going head-to-head with the cast.

Two brothers, one championship.

Alexander Ludwig (as Ace Spade): “That’s my belt you’re wearing.”

Stephen Amell (as Jack Spade): “You want this belt?! Come and get it!”

Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig star in the new series, “Heels.”

They play Jack and Ace Spade, pro wrestlers in a small rural town who are trying to make it big.

Alison Luff (as Staci Spade): “No one makes their living from wrestling anymore.”

Stephen Amell (as Jack Spade): “We can. I can!”

Wrestling is at the core of “Heels,” but you don’t have to be a wrestling fan to watch, or as Stephen put it to Deco…

Stephen Amell: “You don’t need to be addicted to crystal meth to enjoy ‘Breaking Bad.’ Put that on the poster.”

You know what? We did!

Stephen Amell: “This is a story about aspirational people in small town America. It really is about the relationship between the two of us.”

Stephen is a legitimate pro wrestling fan.

So much so he got physical in appearances for WWE in 2015, even having a match at the company’s major Summer Slam event.

For Alexander, though, this is new territory.

Alexander Ludwig: “It was really like a zero to 100 experience for me. You realize just how real this sport is and the kind of athleticism that goes into making this look amazing.”

And on that note, Stephen says there’s really no comparison between this role and the one he may be most known for, the superhero, “Arrow.”

Stephen Amell: “When it comes to ‘Arrow,’ with all due respect, you really are training for how you’re supposed to look on the poster. This was really just us in the middle of the ring. The training was a lot more physical. I went through a much bigger body transformation than I ever did on ‘Arrow.'”

Alexander Ludwig (as Ace Spade): “Hold it together, Ace. Hold it together.”

And while the show hasn’t made its debut on Starz just yet, the reviews are coming in, and they’re good.

Alexander Ludwig: “It’s just blown my mind because what it says to me is that people felt the same way watching the show that I felt when I first read the scripts.”

“Heels” debuts this Sunday night.

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