Time stands still in "13 Hours", the new film from director Michael Bay. It’s the story of American heroes inside the brutal Benghazi attacks. Deco’s Alex Diprato hung with Bay and the main star today in Miami.

The men who defended the American diplomatic compound and the actors portraying them are here in South Florida tonight ahead of the movie’s release.

"13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" tells the real life story of the six member security team that fought to defend the American diplomatic compound, when it came under terrorist attack.

Security Guard: "Politicians got enough free press over what took place that night. People need to know what sacrifices were made on the ground in Benghazi by the guys were there, us, to honor the people that died."

These three members of the security team were on set, as the movie was made.

It depicts the death of ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others Americans by Islamic militants in 2012

Alex Diprato: "Do you think the American public will have a different perspective of what happened after people see this movie?"

Security Guard: "I think so, definitely.  You can’t have any other perspective unless you know exactly what happened on the ground."

What happened that night has become a political blame game. The actors say they hope the movie helps sort out what happened on the ground that night.

John Krasinski: "To have the real guys on set, everyday was, for a good chunk of it, was enormous, it was totally vital to the movie because, otherwise would have just become the Hollywood version of this movie."

The movie does not get into the politics of what happened, it just highlights the attacks that night.

 James Badge Dale: "Yeah absolutely. I think people will see a story they haven’t heard before and I think they’ll, I hope they’ll take a step back and look at what happened and will have respect and admiration for these guys and for what they did and will also pay respect to the people that didn’t make it back.

The movie is set to open Jan. 15.

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