A good juicy reality TV show can stir up drama- and a little love all at the same time. Thankfully, Fox’s new show, “Farmer Wants a Wife” can do just that. We caught up with the Miami city slickers hoping to win over the farmers’ hearts to check out the farm report.

Fox is cookin’ up some country love with their new show “Farmer Wants a Wife.”

It’s hosted by country superstar Jennifer Nettles.

Jennifer Nettles: “What I have found so wonderfully surprising and so delightful about this show is the opportunity to sort of, dare I say, guide or offer, offer, not advice, but to sort of mother hen, especially the guys, so that’s been fun for me.”

The show is about four farmers and a group of single city women finding romance on a ranch.

The ranchers had their reasons to try a dating show to find their match.

Hunter Grayson: “Well, I figured that I hadn’t had too many successful relationships in the past, and I guess that was more on me, and I figured it’s about time to let somebody else do the picking for me.”

Allen Foster: “It was a way to meet somebody who maybe I would never have had the chance to meet any other way.”

Sloan and Lily are two of the ladies hoping to win the heart of a cowboy, and they’re both from SoFlo!

Sloan: “I’ve lived in Miami for the last 10 years and dating was not fulfulling.”

Lily: “The dating scene, there is few and far between! Not a lot of people take you seriously. I don’t think anyone’s looking for anything serious, and I know I am, so I was like if it’s not working, let’s just try something else.”

Lily and Sloan learned a thing or two about cowboy culture.

Lily: “One of the words that I learned was if there was a cool outfit, you know, get up, as cowboys say.”

Sloan: “Speaking like a Miamian with ‘literally,’ it just doesn’t go well in the South.”

One thing was key for Ryan in finding the right wife.

Ryan Black: “Just has their own thing going. I have my own thing going, and then we find synchronicities, and I think that’s where romance is found as well.”

While also getting used to cameras being around 24-seven.

Landon Heaton: “There’s so many different people from all walks of life sitting at my little farmhouse ranch operation in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t know, it’s nice being able to show other people kind of my life.”

The show premieres tonight on Fox at 9 p.m.

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