1 Hotel South Beach invites you to meditate, commune with nature at moon socials

We’re used to soaking up the sun on South Beach, but in South Florida, we like to pay attention to all things celestial. Sit back and relax, ’cause Deco’s Alex Miranda is about to give you the moon.

It’s time to talk about meditation and mindfulness. At one South Beach hot spot, this self-care happens after the sun goes down.

The 1 Hotel South Beach wants you to celebrate the new moon. You know, it’s that little sliver you see in the sky.

Marthica Galvis, 1 Hotel South Beach: “The New Moon is part of our mindfulness and wellness events here at the Beach Club. It’s a way for you to distract and let go of your everyday life and bring some positivity and harmony into your life.”

Every month they host a New Moon: Sound + Social. The goal is for you to relax and reflect.

Sabrina Badeaux, instructor, New Moon: Sound + Social: “The new moon is the darkest of nights, and farmers typically have used this evening to plant their seeds, so the invitation for participants tonight is to plant seeds in their own gardens of intentions of what they want to get up to this month.”

Hotel guests and locals are invited to 1 Beach Club so they can become one with nature.

Marthica Galvis: “We decided to have mindfulness and wellness events at the beautiful 1 Beach Club because of its outdoor space, and it’s a perfect venue for social distancing events.”

Sabrina Badeaux: “All of our activations are held outside on the sand at the 1 Beach Club, so that automatically allows participants to connect to the earth, take their shoes off, relax.”

Special headphones block out any sounds, so all you’ll hear is your meditation guru helping you unwind.

Sabrina Badeaux (to participants): “Use your breath, in and out, to anchor you in the present moment.”

Sabrina Badeaux: “You can expect guided meditations, sound baths, which are instrumental vibrations that are played all through the headphones.”

When it gets really dark, it’s time for tea — and setting personal goals.

Sabrina Badeaux: “A tea ceremony of our custom blend that allows them to really focus, mono-task, and then a guided journal experience around the intentions they’d like to set for the next month.”

Kim Wood, guest: “I always say that you take care of your mental hygiene. This is mental hygiene, and doing these exercises and learning about energy and relaxing is so important, and I love it. I think it’s needed.”

The next moon social is their Full Moon party next Monday.

Full Moon: Sound + Social
1 Hotel South Beach
2341 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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