1-800-Lucky brings 7 Asian cuisines to in 1 spot

We’ve found your lucky charm in Wynwood. A new dining hall featuring an array of Asian dishes opens Wednesday. Deco already got the ultimate taste test, and we’re here to take you along.

Never again will your luck run out finding top-notch Asian cuisine in Miami.

Alan Drummond, co-owner of 1-800-Lucky: “1-800-Lucky is an Asian market in which you can experience amazing food, amazing music, great drinks and also a Korean karaoke if you like to sing.”

Here, the lucky number is seven.

That’s seven Asian cuisines in one spot, tucked away behind a bodega in Wynwood.

Alan Drummond: “You have Lotus + Cleaver, which is from New York. They have amazing Peking duck. We have Yip, which specializes in dim sum. Then you have Hayato Miami that does ramen noodles.”

Plus — Les Banh Amis.

Scott Linquist, Les Banh Amis: “Our food is like a delicatessen, Vietnamese style. What we try to do is create a really flavorful, interesting Banh Mi sandwich.”

Myumi, which specializes in hand-rolled sushi, and Poke OG, which is bringing its yummy fish salad dishes from California.

Andrew Mayer, Poke OG: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are live in the 305!”

Andrew Mayer: “What people can expect is some stuff that they really haven’t had in Florida. Poke should be fun and healthy, and that’s what we deliver.”

Venture outside for some ice cream from Taiyaki NYC.

Or hit up the bar for drinks. So many options!

Andrew Mayer: “Not only am I excited as an owner here, I’m excited to try everyone’s food, and it’s gonna be the best of the best of each, in Miami, under one roof.”

You know who else is excited? Hungry customers.

Emilia Howard, customer: “I’m still going through the meal, but so far everything is really delicious and totally worthwhile.”

So, to recap: 1-800-Lucky has food of all shapes and sizes. Drinks. A DJ and karaoke. This place has us thanking our lucky stars.

Chelseya Ruiz, customer: “It’s really hard being Asian, especially Japanese, and to find so many different kinds of cultures here. I feel like I don’t have to compromise, because there are so many parts of Miami where I’m forced to do that. And here it tastes like home.”



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