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As the current co-host and Film Critic for WSVN’s popular Deco Drive lifestyles show, Shireen Sandoval has traveled the World interviewing Hollywood’s biggest stars. She also features all things celebrity in the Magic City.

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Beautifully Banded

I could see the door to the jet bridge closing, despite the fact that I was just a few yards away from it. Mind you,Read More

The Transparent Trend

When I got the assignment this week to do a story on VH1’s new “Naked Dating” show for Deco Drive, I was beyond intrigued andRead More

Hot in Hong Kong

When I walked out of the Hong Kong airport, the heat of the city slapped me so hard across the face, it was like aRead More

The Return of the Skinny Suit

If I timed it just right, I could make every light between my house and the television station without stopping. Even though my well-thought-out andRead More

The Garden Goddess

The first time I wore a flower crown, I looked like a dinner theatre version of Carmen Miranda. The head adornment was robust, round andRead More

Birks Are Back

I had two goals while growing-up in Santa Fe, New Mexico: get the heck out of Dodge and never turn into a hippie. Well, IRead More

Beautifully Braided

The “Venus of Willendorf” was blessed with a lot of things: a heaving bosom, a fully engorged bottom and hair that was capped full ofRead More

Oh, So Roberto!

I first came face-to-face with Roberto Cavalli back in 2005. He was overly tan, flanked by half naked women and oozing as much charm asRead More