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Shireen Sandoval

As the current co-host and Film Critic for WSVN’s popular Deco Drive lifestyles show, Shireen Sandoval has traveled the World interviewing Hollywood’s biggest stars. She also features all things celebrity in the Magic City.

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Beautifully Braided

The “Venus of Willendorf” was blessed with a lot of things: a heaving bosom, a fully engorged bottom and hair that was capped full ofRead More

Oh, So Roberto!

I first came face-to-face with Roberto Cavalli back in 2005. He was overly tan, flanked by half naked women and oozing as much charm asRead More

A State of Grace

Once upon a time, when glamour still reigned supreme and reality television and Kim Kardashian’s large derriere weren’t the center of pop culture, a glamorousRead More

The Graduated Gladiator

I fell head over heels in love with all things Roman esque back in 2000, when Russell Crowe breathed life into the rugged, rough-around-the edgesRead More

The Elegant Espadrille

I have this recurring fantasy that I’m driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in California, trying to make it to Santa Barbara before the sunRead More

Give Harem Pants A Chance

When the cool, cotton-cinched sack was delivered to my office, I was immediately intrigued. It was soft, supple and seemed to have something sexy stuffedRead More

T’s With Personality

Long gone are the days of the classic white button-down shirt. I know, I know: for some of you, it’s a hard pill to swallow,Read More

Jump Into Style

The jumpsuit didn’t always belong to fashion. It started out as a costume of sorts, to protect aviators from the cold. Then, it quickly becameRead More