The Best Suits of Summer

I’ll never forget the endless summers I spent on the coast of North Carolina. My shoulders were always kissed by the sun, my hair wasRead More

Over-all-ing your wardrobe

 The last time I had on a pair of overalls, I was miles from civilization with a whip in my hand, an hysterical co-worker byRead More

Baring It All (for my birthday)

I don’t remember dying, but I did. Twice. It was a chilly Fall morning in October at a dentist’s office in Santa Fe. My momRead More

Beautifully Banded

I could see the door to the jet bridge closing, despite the fact that I was just a few yards away from it. Mind you,Read More

The Transparent Trend

When I got the assignment this week to do a story on VH1’s new “Naked Dating” show for Deco Drive, I was beyond intrigued andRead More

Hot in Hong Kong

When I walked out of the Hong Kong airport, the heat of the city slapped me so hard across the face, it was like aRead More

A Totally Turban Summer

?When I was the in the sixth grade, I used to style my hair in a long, hot dog curl. Not as in a ponytail;Read More

The Return of the Skinny Suit

If I timed it just right, I could make every light between my house and the television station without stopping. Even though my well-thought-out andRead More

The Garden Goddess

The first time I wore a flower crown, I looked like a dinner theatre version of Carmen Miranda. The head adornment was robust, round andRead More

Birks Are Back

I had two goals while growing-up in Santa Fe, New Mexico: get the heck out of Dodge and never turn into a hippie. Well, IRead More