Citrus forecast takes another hit

TALLAHASSEE — The forecast of Florida’s orange production dropped again Wednesday, as efforts intensify to assist citrus growers who sustained damage in Hurricane Ian. TheRead More

Florida senators back social-media instruction

A proposal that would require the Florida Department of Education to make instruction on “social media safety” available for students began advancing Tuesday in theRead More

Lawmakers back bill on migrant flights

TALLAHASSEE — Nearly five months after Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration sparked controversy by flying about 50 migrants from Texas to Massachusetts, Florida House members MondayRead More

Dogs in bars draw fight in Central Florida

Bars in Tampa and Orlando are challenging the Florida Department of Health over decisions to block dogs from being in the establishments. Pups Pub TampaRead More

Recreational pot proposal clears initial hurdle

TALLAHASSEE — Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational use of marijuana have passed a preliminary hurdle to get on the 2024Read More

Unanimous jury recommendations targeted in death cases

TALLAHASSEE — With backing from Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida lawmakers could scrap a requirement that unanimous jury recommendations are needed before death sentences can beRead More

Florida lawmaker looks to ban TikTok on government devices

A Florida House Republican on Tuesday filed a proposal that would prevent people with government-issued cell phones and other devices from downloading the TikTok social-mediaRead More

Bill gives thumbs down to left lane drivers

A proposal was filed that seeks to prevent motorists from driving in the left lane on roads with speed limits of at least 65 mph.Read More