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Heather Riggio

WSVN — She was only 19 years old and made a mistake that many young people do: She started hanging around with the wrong crowd.Read More

Alfred McCormick

WSVN — He was a man of God, but early one morning Minister Alfred McCormick was gunned down in the street like a criminal. MaybeRead More

Feeling the Heat

It happens every summer, unthinkable tragedies occurring when children are left in locked cars. For kids, feeling the heat can be deadly, as 7’s NicoleRead More

Qualecia James

Last March, an afternoon out with friends ended in a barrage of bullets for a pregnant Miami Gardens mother. As Patrick Fraser tells us onRead More

Benoit Lessard

He bought his little spot in the sun. Retired Canadian Benoit Lessard loved to spend winters in South Florida, but as Patrick Fraser tells usRead More

Annette Anderson/TJ Walker

Annette Anderson was a 69-year-old minister. TJ Walker was her 20-year-old grandson who had come to live with her while he went to school. AndRead More

Tequila Forshee

She was sitting in her grandmother’s lap when a barrage of bullets came through the walls of the Miami Gardens home and ended a youngRead More

“Jane Doe”

Twenty-seven years ago, the skeletal remains of a young woman were found in West Palm Beach, and tonight detectives are still trying to identify her.Read More

Night Stand

WSVN — Martin Amado: “A night stand serves as a coffee table at a person’s bedside. We often use it to place a lamp onRead More