Cop Cams

You’ve probably seen video from cameras mounted on police car dashboards. Now in one South Florida city officers may soon be armed with cameras onRead More

Report reveals problems with Hollywood Police Internal Affairs

More bad news for the Hollywood Police Department tonight. First, rape kits were discovered that had not been tested for years, and now a consultant’sRead More

Rape kits found untested at Hollywood PD

7News has learned the Hollywood Police Department has uncovered nearly 100 rape kits that have gone untested for years. So what does this discovery meanRead More

Food for Thought

The holidays are over and the New Year is bringing a new push that could change how you decide where to go out for aRead More

Check Trouble Charge

Something that started as a bizarre coincidence has now become a criminal case. And tonight, investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is On the Case. WSVN —Read More

Medical Misrepresentations?

When we buy medicine especially for our children, we expect it to make them feel better. But a lawsuit accuses a manufacturer of selling productsRead More

Lawyer Without A License?

Patrick Pearce originally claimed he was the victim of people out to slander what he called his “impeccable character.” Patrick Pearce: “So what I doRead More

Kennedy killed – 50 years later: South Florida Remembers

Tomorrow marks 50 years since the day our nation’s 35th president was assassinated. Tonight, we travel back to explore JFK’s special ties to South Florida.Read More

Canines in Court

The benefits of therapy dogs for soldiers seniors and the sick have been well documented, but a new program in South Florida is aiming toRead More

Citizens Lawsuit

WSVN — The only thing uglier than what lies beneath the foundation of these homes may be the fight between homeowners and their insurance companies.Read More