Three’s a crowd?

The tropics appear to be getting “more crowded.”   Three separate tropical systems are currently moving over the vast waters of the Atlantic Ocean.   At one side of the Atlantic (and the only one impacting land) Tropical Storm Julia is offshore from the South Carolina coast.  It appears to be getting pinned between strengthening high pressure to its east and a front, which is to its northwest.   Julia is likely to simply drift around (with little overall movement) during the late week and possibly the weekend, too!    There’s a chance that the system could slightly strengthen between late Thursday and Friday.  The main impacts of rain will linger for the Carolina’s and Georgia… as long as Julia stays in the basic neighborhood.   There will be no impacts from Julia for south Florida, by the way.   Also in the tropics is a storm named Ian.  It’s heading north and it will steadily weaken over cooler waters, by Friday.  Finally, Tropical Depression Twelve is gearing up for a long journey.   It’s over the far eastern Atlantic and should get stronger.   If it’s upgraded to a name, the next one on the list is Karl.   Yes, it’s a busy time in the tropics… we’re at the historic peak of the hurricane season.   So far, we’ve been fortunate to only have had limited impact from tropical activity.   It’s extremely important to be readied with a plan, though, should anything pop up with little warning.   You’ll want to keep tabs on potential development and we’ll keep you informed with the latest forecast, daily.



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