Wedding Guest Savings

June kicks off wedding season and while we all love to share special moments with friends and family, those celebrations can get pricey. In tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez shares some tips to keep wedding costs down.

WSVN — Andrea Woroch: “I went to over 12 weddings in the last two years.”

Andrea Woroch knows the pain of getting invited to a lot of weddings.

Andrea Woroch: “It can be a huge budget blunder if you don’t prepare properly.”

She has taken her experiences and come up with some creative ways to help you save this wedding season.

First, decide which weddings are a priority.

Andrea Woroch: “If you have a lot of weddings coming up, you don’t have to go to all of them. You can politely decline.”

If you go, Andrea says the hotel rate the bride and groom worked out may not be the best option. So check sites like for great deals on condos.

Andrea Woroch: “Get a bunch of different friends or maybe other family members together to stay and save on that accommodation.”

You can save on your outfit too. Check sites like rent the or consignment shopping.

Andrea Woroch: “You can find gently used bridesmaid dresses that look new. Lots of gowns and dresses that women maybe only wore once.”

There are easy ways to save on the gift too.

Andrea Woroch: “Using discount gift cards to help you save on the total cost of the gift. At, you can find gift cards for popular stores that people register for.”

Wrap it all up with supplies from the dollar store.

Andrea Woroch: “I don’t think people think of saving money when it comes to going to a wedding.”

With just a little research and planning you can avoid the stress and enjoy these special moments with your loved ones.

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