Michigan teen who won $500K from lotto will give most of his winnings to his parents

(WSVN) - A Michigan teenager who won a $500,000 jackpot on a scratch-off ticket says he will give away most of his fortune – to his parents.

Fox 32 reports that the 19-year-old boy from the Lansing area spent $10 on a lottery ticket at a gas station.

“I stopped at the Sunoco for gas after giving a buddy of mine a ride and they had one Golden Wild Time ticket left, so I bought it,” the teen told the Michigan Lottery. “I scratched off in the store and at first I thought they were playing a trick on me until I saw how excited they were about the ticket.”

The teen has chosen to remain anonymous. But when asked what he planned to do with his new-found fortune, he said he would keep just $5,000 of it to invest. The rest, he said, will go to mom and dad.

“My parents have done so much for my sister and me, helping them takes a big weight off of their shoulders and mine,” he said.

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