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WSVN — Atten-hut, soldier!

There's a new pop-up boutique in Midtown Miami where men's fashion is taking a cue from the military.

Jonathan Eyal, owner, Supply & Advise: “In the military, people are always squared away, and that's what we're about.”

Supply & Advise is decorated for fashion battle, with bullet casings, a dirt bike, and an old military mule.

Jonathan Eyal: “I thought it would be interesting to use it to merchandise clothing.”

The owner, Jonathan Eyal, used to work for a defense company that made equipment for soldiers, so his store carries sprinkles of military-inspired clothing and accessories. But his biggest focus is on clothing that is durable and made in America.

Jonathan Eyal: “I would say about 90 percent of what we carry is made in the U.S.A. Here we have your traditional Ivy League oxfords. They're made in Ashland, Pennsylvania by Gitman Vintage. They've been making them there since 1978.”

Don't expect flashy clothing labels here. Instead, you'll discover unique brands that you can't find in South Florida.

Jonathan Eyal: “We carry a brand of Levi's, we're the only retailer in Miami for them. It's a time capsule.”

Or how about belts made from the same stuff that stops bullets?

Jonathan Eyal: “From a brand in Los Angeles called Parabellum. Their belts are free-range American bison. The belt is lined in Kevlar.”

And way before “Top Gun” made aviators cool, there were these authentic aviators from Randolph Engineering. Yep, the same ones Don Draper wears on the show “Mad Men.”

Jonathan Eyal: “They are standard issued by the military. I've been wearing them personally since I was 13 years old, and I still have the same pair.”

The store is also an outfitter, so men can pick up anything from pocket knives to luggage. And guys, you don't have to bring the ladies along for assistance on this shopping trip. The assistants will put you at ease, soldier.

Jonathan Eyal: “What differentiates us is the 'advise' part. Share a glass of whiskey with us, and try on a few pair of jeans until we find the right fit for them.”

The pop-up store will be in Midtown until March. Then Supply & Advise will move to a permanent space in Downtown Miami.


Supply & Advise
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