Spring Fashion

WSVN — It’s time to talk spring fashion, and this season we’re going back to the groovy times of the 70s. In tonight’s Style File, 7’s Belkys Nerey gets expert advice on how to make a fashion statement.

This spring, we’re taking it back — waayyy back — in fashion

Elysze Held, personal stylist: “The entire season can be summed up in two words: Retro rules. That means we’re looking at the 70s, we’re looking at the 50s.”

Dadeland Mall is the place to find all the flashback fashions. First up, fringe is in.

Elysze Held: “Fringe is the biggest key item to have for Spring 2015. Fringe bags, shoes with fringe, fringe around ankle, fringe jackets, fringe skirts.”

When it comes to dresses, max out!

Elysze Held: “The maxi dress has a very ‘summer of love’ feel. It’s a very fluid silhouette. What changed it up this season are the quirky patterns.”

Just as easy-breezy, and just as hot: a statement jumpsuit.

Elysze Held: “The whole thing about the jumpsuit is the silhouette. It’s a very slim cut, it’s fitted to the body. It’s cut-out backs, it’s a plunging neckline.”

Stay a step ahead with gladiator sandals and boots.

Elysze Held: “High, low, up to the knee, mid-calf, these are the ‘in’ shoe for the season.”

And get a leg up with a 70s-style wide leg pant or crop pant.

Elysze Held: “The crop pants are new and exciting. Very reminiscent of the culottes or gauchos, again from the 70s, but a little baggier this time, comfortable.”

Keep it romantic in lacy tops and dresses, go off the grid with grid patterns, and we’re always white hot in Miami.

Elysze Held: “White on white is always a beautiful color. Off white with the bright white, it really does work.”

For fashionable fingers, the Marilyn Monroe Nail Lounge in Midtown has nailed the latest trend.

Mayli Aguilar, general manager, Marilyn Monroe Spas: “The hottest nail trend for 2015 is negative space nail art.”

This nail art is geometrical shapes and lines painted over a naked nail.

Mayli Aguilar: “The negative space part is just the area that stays bare on the nail, and it really, really just kinda highlights the design. A lot of mint, a lot of coral, a lot of black and white, and a lot of metallic.”

You can even do it at home.

Mayli Aguilar: “You can just grab regular office tape, apply it on your nails. What you put them on, you won’t be polishing that area.”

Cristina Sanchez: “It’s almost like having two colors, but it’s one color. I nailed it!”

The nail art mani costs around $35, or you can just apply it to a few fingers. And again, all of the fashion trends can be found at Dadeland Mall at price points for everyone!

Dadeland Mall
Marilyn Monroe Nail Lounge
3252 N.E. 1st Avenue #122
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