Sent Nude Pictures

When Brittney met Jeremy, she thought he was a nice guy.

Brittney Glass: “We used to go out to different restaurants, walk on the beach, go to games, and just hang out at the bars.”

They went from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend.

Brittney Glass: “I developed feelings. We both developed feelings for each other.”

After a few months, he asked Brittney to take some pictures of herself — graphic nude pictures — and send them to him. She did.

Brittney Glass: “He wanted the pictures. My love for him, and I thought maybe that was a way of satisfying him. I really don’t know what came over me to send the pictures to him.”

A few weeks later, they got into a big fight. That night, the love went out of their relationship. Brittany moved on with her life, till she got a phone call from a friend…

Brittney Glass: “…that told me Jeremy had created a group on Facebook. He was posting my nude pictures there, and he was telling people he was going to destroy my life.”

Brittney says, not only did her ex put her nude pictures on the Facebook page, he started e-mailing them to all their friends.

Brittney Glass: “His friends, my friends, and some of my family members. These were pictures that I trusted him with! I hear people talk about it even when I got to church, people asking what made me send my pictures to him.”

Of course, Brittney begged him to shut down the Facebook page and stop e-mailing the pictures. His response…

Brittney Glass: “He keeps calling stating to me that he is not going to take the pictures down unless I pay him $100 dollars.”

Brittney called the police about the nude pictures, about her ex’s attempt to get her to pay $100 dollars to take them down, but nothing happened to him.

Brittney Glass: “I don’t understand why he hates me so much.”

He hates her, she hates it that her friends, her family, her church members, have seen nude pictures of her.

Brittney Glass: “This is the most embarrassing thing ever.”

Well, Howard, a man she trusted sent the nude pictures, and now law enforcement is telling her there is nothing she can do, so legally, can her ex get away with this?

Howard Finkelstein: “In the state of Florida, yes you can. There is no law that stops someone you trust with a naked picture of yourself from putting it all over the Internet. It is not a crime.”

The easy part: We contacted Facebook. The pictures posted by the ex-boyfriend were removed. We called Brittney’s ex. We asked why he did it, why he asked for money to remove them. Each question got the same answer: I didn’t upload the pictures; that was not me.

The Broward State Attorney’s Office told us they had decided to not file extortion charges in the case and it was closed. Howard says that makes sense.

Howard Finkelstein: “Posting or e-mailing nude pictures of someone and then demanding that they pay you to stop could be considered the crime of extortion, but in this case it would be difficult to get a conviction from a jury because she took the pictures and she sent them to her boyfriend without even asking that he never show them to anyone.”

Brittney learned a terrible lesson, and told us she hopes others learn from her, not the hard way she did, but the easy way … by listening to her.

Brittney Glass: “If you think of sending pictures like that, think twice. Don’t ever send pictures to no one, I don’t care what the situation is, how convincing they make it seem to you. Once they’re out there, they’re out there, and they can destroy your life.”

While posting nude pictures of you all over the internet may not be a crime in Florida, you can sue them for invasion of privacy, but that’s costly and it’s difficult. The simpler solution: Contact your legislator and get them to pass a law in Florida making it illegal to post nude pictures of someone without their permission. Of course, the simplest solution: Don’t send the pictures to anyone.

Been stripped of your trust by someone? Ready for a picture perfect solution Contact us. We’ll dress them down … legally, of course. With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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