Risky & Risque? Follow-Up

WSVN — When the Pompano Beach Commission met – the mayor expressed concerns about what our report showed that was going on in and around Club Cinema.

Mayor Lamar Fisher: "It seems to me the story was very true and accurate. Where we have our young youth and as you well know I brought back up in May. I think this past year about parents calling me concerning what's going on there."

And here's what we found: The youngsters start lining up well before Club Cinema opens its doors in Pompano Beach.

On this Saturday night, they've come to an event with no age restrictions and a closing time of 4 a.m.

Girls are wearing what looks like underwear leaving little to the imagination. In the parking lots around the club kids carry beer and glasses of what looks like liquor.

Inside wall to wall kids dance to pulsating music and images and laser lights. Police say the flashing finger lights and wide eyed stares are classic signs of ecstasy use.

As the night progresses, kids stumble out of the club. They throw up near the front door, they pass out just a few feet away and struggle to breathe sitting on the curb. The worst of the worst, they get taken away in an ambulance.

BSO Sgt.: "And it was shocking even for me, a law enforcement officer. To me they were no older than 13 to 14 and 15. Me or my team have not been there one night and have not made multiple arrests."

Despite all that, the club's entertainment manager insists it is a safe place for children.

Cory Weisman: "We operate under the guise of the law. We operate under everything that is morally and legally correct for the safety of the children as if they were our own."

The club says it rents out the space to promoters and makes sure security is tight when there are underage events, but the mayor isn't convinced.

Mayor Lamar Fisher: "It seems to be a life safety issue you have young teens that are exposed to the drugs the alcohol scene, and one of these times we're gonna lose life."

The mayor questioned the city's chief and city manager and wants them to determine what the city can do to determine if the club is a nuisance.

The club's manager maintains Club Cinema is a music scene, not a drug scene.