WikiLeaks sets sights on Trump’s tax returns following ‘breach of promise’

(WSVN) - Before the presidential election in November, WikiLeaks was a perpetual thorn in Hillary Clinton’s side, as the site spent several weeks leaking information harmful to her campaign. Now they appear to have a new target: President Donald Trump.

Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, asked about a petition on the White House website that calls for the president to release his tax returns. Conway responded that Trump would not release them, a direct contradiction to his promise that he’d release them once an audit was complete, which he stated on his Twitter account in May of 2016.

“The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns,” Conway said Sunday. “We litigated this all through the election.”

This prompted WikiLeaks to call the president out for reneging on his promise with two tweets, requesting that anyone with access to his tax returns to submit them to the site so they could release them.

“Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway stated today that Trump will not release his tax returns. Send them to so we can,” they wrote. “Trump’s breach of promise over the release of his tax returns is even more gratuitous than Clinton concealing her Goldman Sachs transcripts.”

Prior to Trump’s election, WikiLeaks released thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, as well as Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal email account. But the website also called for whistleblowers to release Trump’s tax returns before the election as well.

In his pre-inauguration press conference, Trump said he didn’t believe the public was concerned about his taxes, saying, “No, I don’t think so. I won. No, I don’t think they care at all.”

Conway echoed Trump’s assertion Sunday when she said, “People didn’t care. They voted for him.”

However, a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll said 74% of voters want the president to release his tax returns. Of those surveyed, 49% of Republicans said he should do so.

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