Pet Cemetery

WSVN — When mark stern turned 50, he realized he wouldn't be on earth forever.

Mark Stern: "I was starting to think about where I wanted to be laid to rest."

Mark did his research and found plans to build a Jewish mausoleum in Boca now called the Gardens.

Mark Stern: "The chapel was supposed to be marble on the sides, all gold leaf center stained glass as their advertising stated that it was going to be probably the most beautiful mausoleum, probably in the whole country."

Mark paid $22,000 dollars for these two crypts. Now fast-forward 11 years to the place where he wanted to spend eternity.

Mark Stern: "They went from marble and gold leaf and stained glass to brick and wood."

Instead of the beautiful sanctuary, there is a picture of a sanctuary painted on the wall that upsets Mark, but this stuns him.

Mark Stern: "I did not spend this kind of money to be laid to rest in a pet cemetery."

In a crypt near Marks is a sign that reads "Poo king of the Poodles mommy and daddy love you." Mark is apparently going to be buried near a dog.

Mark Stern: "If I wanted to be in a pet cemetery I could have spent $200 dollars and don't get me wrong, I don't hate dogs I love dogs, but I don't want to lie next to one for eternity."

Patrick Fraser: "State law does allow a pet to be buried with its owner, but only after the owner has been laid to rest. In this case, it appears the dog is there before the owners. Mark can't be sure because the new owners of the mausoleum wont talk about poo."

Mark Stern: "When I asked them how many other dogs or animals are there in the building, he refused to discuss that with me. He said 'I'm not at liberty to tell you.'"

Mark is not happy and he is sure the people buried here never expected a poodle to join them.

Mark Stern: "And I am sure that the families who purchased these crypts would not be happy if they thought their mother or their father or possible them down the road would by lying eternally next to a dead animal."

Mark Stern: "I dont trust liberal Barry to pay."

South Florida talk show host Steve Kane is also prepared for the day. He passes on owns two crypts right the poodle has been put to rest.

Mark Stern: "It's gorgeous I love the garden."

And Kane is not bothered that he will be laid to rest near a dog Earth forever.

Steve Kane: "There is not a dog there it is ashes and it didn't bother me. I think a lot of people are very connected to their pets and feel comfort from having the ashes of their beloved pet with them."

We called the owners of the mausoleum their answer was simple and direct: "The gardens has no statement for the media. If we want to get on TV we advertise."

Stern filed this complaint with the state by law they told us they cannot confirm they have opened an investigation.

Mark Stern: "You know a lot of people think and they say what difference does it make You're going to be dead anyway."

It clearly makes a difference to Stern especially considering this mausoleum was built for Jews not even Satholics or Baptists can be buried here but…

Mark Stern: "But they're going to allow dogs?

Mark Stern: "I'm Jewish and I take offense to that."

Stern is hoping the mausoleum will return his $22,000 so he can find another place to spend eternity in peace and not near a pet.