Mobile Tax Help

Regardless of your income, tax time is stressful, especially if you can’t afford to have them prepared by a professional. In tonight’s Money Monday, Lynn Martinez explains how one organization is making sure everyone can afford to get their taxes done.

WSVN — Fernando Rincon knows what can happen when you screw up your taxes.

Fernando Rincon: “I ended up getting with the IRS and they told me I didn’t file taxes in 2011. So, now we’re doing it.”

But he needed an expert to help him through the paperwork for two years of taxes and had no idea how he was going to pay for it.

Fernando Rincon: “They would charge me almost 100 bucks to do it, and next thing you know I tell them, ‘Look, low income and basically you’re not doing that much, it’s nothing.'”

The United Way of Broward County helps people like Fernando and other low income taxpayers who just can’t afford tax preparer fees.

Fernando Rincon: “I thought I had to go see a lawyer or something. She told me, ‘No, no! We can do everything.'”

Volunteers are touring Broward County through April 11 providing free tax preparation for families who earn less than $52,000 a year.

Fernando Rincon: “I’m cool right now. I’m comfortable. I feel OK. I don’t have to see a lawyer.”

Saving money that could be used for more important things.

Fernando Rincon: “Food and clothing, which is a priority today. People need it.”

Just show up at one of the mobile stops. Walk-ins are welcome. Fill out your paperwork and get those taxes done for free.

Fernando Rincon: “To get it done and get the IRS off your back. God bless them, that they’re able to have a mobile unit to go.”

For more information on where the next mobile tax stop will be, go to: