Miami Music Project

With music classes being cut all over the country many children are missing out. Now a new program is bringing music to our local schools and so much more. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows is in today’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — From cellos to violins, trumpets to trombones, students at Toussaint Louverture Elementary School in Little Haiti are getting the chance to feel the music for the first time.

Miami Music Project Artistic Dir. James Judd: “I wish that every young person in the world can have access to an instrument.”

Now Judd’s dream is becoming reality. The world famous conductor started the Miami Music Project, a non-profit organization that brings the gift of music to South Florida children, who may have never seen much less held a musical instrument.

James Judd: “Music isn’t about expensive subscription concerts for wealthy people.”

The program collects donated instruments and gives them to students, who then take lessons from highly-trained instructors, all for free.

Toussaint Louverture Elementary School Principal Lilian Delbor: “This was such a unique opportunity for our students to be exposed to musical instruments, orchestra.”

Ten-year-old Alicia Fortune chose to play the french horn.

Alicia Fortune: “It was fun and cool.”

Her homework now includes not just reading and math but learning the notes. Judd says music can totally transform a shy child or one that lacks self-confidence.

James Judd: “Give them a violin and a good teacher and in a few months suddenly you see a changed person.”

Twelve-year-old Jaylin Womble loves listening to hip-hop but wanted to try the trumpet. It’s not easy to play but he tries to get better every day.

Jaylin Womble: “I go home and in my backyard I practice.”

Since the program started, teachers here are really seeing a difference.

“the discipline that the students are acquiring, it’s really helping, it’s translating into the classrooms.”

The Miami Music Project has been such a success in Little Haiti, it’s expanding to Liberty City. Judd hopes it will soon reach kids across South Florida, giving them the voice they never had.

James Judd: “If everybody, through music, starts to think for themselves, we’re actually going to have a much better, equal society.”

Lynn Martinez: Sixty percent of parents agreed the program helped their child do better in school. Find out more about the Miami Music Project and how you can donate an instrument.

Miami Music Project:
Tel: (786) 422-5221