Live Music

WSVN — Mic check, mic check. The live music scene in South Florida is alive again!

Christopher Reyes: "Tired of the DJs, the whole clubbing scene. It's time for some new music and some live music!"

If you love live bands, we've got just the bar crawl for you. There are now three spots in Downtown Miami that offer live music on Thursday nights, and they are all within a few blocks of each other.

First stop is Transit Lounge.

Christopher Cooke-Yarborough: "That's the reason I keep coming back, because I always know I am going to have a good time and enjoy really good music."

Put on your dancing shoes. You'll feel the energy as soon as you walk through the door. There's no cover charge, and you can expect to see up-and-coming bands each week.

Jerry Pennington, General Manager, Transit Lounge: "You can expect people from all over the world. Tonight we have a blues band. Next week we have a Cuban band, the week after that we have a reggae band. It changes constantly every week."

The drinks are cheap, and you can play pool or even board games as the music rocks on.

Oski Gonzalez: "Tobacco Road, you ready for the next band? Make some noise."

Walk on down the road to the historic Tobacco Road. This joint has been on the music scene for decades.

Oski Gonzalez: "This is what Tobacco Road is, we are live music, blues, rock, alternative, punk metal, even hip hop."

Tobacco Road offers live music seven days a week, but at their Thursday music night called The Rock, you can sample all kinds of original music.

Oski Gonzalez: "We have three and four bands, even five bands, upstairs here at the Rock on Tobacco Road. It's where we get to discover good bands, and we get to test bands, so they can move on to bigger and better things."

You can also head outdoors to their patio for more music you can sing along to.

Last stop, the new Irish Pub, Waxy O'Connor's, on the Miami River.

Adrian Najara, General Manager, Waxy O'Connor's: "You can come out here, listen to some music, have a nice cocktail by the river, watch the boats go by."

Don't expect an Irish jig, they're booking bands from all over the city with many different sounds.

Adrian Najara: "The band tonight is called Fourth Dimension. They are a great local reggae band down here with a great following, with a great sound."

The music starts on Thursday nights at 10 o'clock, and there's plenty of room to dance by the band.

Eli Sbed: "You hear them in person, you get to see the expression on their face as they're playing, pumps you up a lot more."

Just maybe leave the singing to the musicians. Let's keep live music alive in Miami.

Again, all of these places are within three blocks of each other, so you can hop around and check out all the different bands on Thursday nights.


Waxy O'Connor's690 SW 1st Ct.Miami, FL 33130(786) 871-7660

Transit Lounge729 SW 1st Ave.Miami, FL 33130(305) 377-4628

Tobacco Road626 South Miami AveMiami, FL 33130(305) 374-1198