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As we get older we have more responsibilities, less time and more stress, but Craig Stevens is here with today’s Appsolute Must have downloads to help us age with grace.

WSVN — If you ever wonder how you will look in 20 or 30 years from now, Face Retirement will have you saying yikes. Take a selfie, set your age and gender and the app does a 3D model animation of you. It will also tell you the cost of living in years to come.

But no sad faces over your future looks, it was created by Merrill Edge, an investment company and is the creators way of getting you to see that sooner or later you will age and planning your retirement is important.

Stressful days add wrinkles. With Breathe2Relax you can learn how to relax with simple guided breathing exercises. Learn about mouth, nose, and diaphragmatic breathing differences.

Look at the body scanner for information on the effects stress has on your body and become motivated to master the technique of breathing to reduce stress.

If you haven’t found the fountain of youth, you are in luck.

Skin Care Recipes will have people thinking you did. The app has a skin care recipe book where you can make your own skin care products with natural products. Like oatmeal, cucumbers and bananas.

The apps also features articles on skin care, skin care videos and even a fitness podcast to leave you app-solutely radiant.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.


Face Retirement


Skin Care Recipes