House Wynwood

Wynwood’s first nightclub is opening tomorrow night, and get ready to have your mind blown. It’s like nothing we’ve seen in Miami before. The owner wants to keep most of the space’s big surprises a secret, but in tonight’s Style File, 7s Belkys Nerey gets the first key to unlock some of the mysteries of House.

WSVN — After six long years of work, House in Wynwood is finally ready to welcome you home. But to get inside you’re going to need a key.

Mark Lowe-House Master: “Every house requires a key, and for that reason I expect you to sign up and get a key and become a part of House.”

Your first step into House lands you in a futuristic lounge where you’re immediately hit with cool, liquid fog. Take a sniff. This House smells good.

Mark Lowe-House Master: “Every room has a different scent and smell to sort of inspire you.”

Before you can roam the rest of the house, first take a selfie at their innovative selfie station.

Mark Lowe: “You walk up to the screen and take a picture. The pictures are completely connected to Facebook and Instagram.”

Again, we promised not to give away too much, but once these curtains open, they reveal a taste of what the rest of this nightlife adventure holds.

The main room is filled with mind-blowing details like a stunning jellyfish with hanging tentacles, 3D panoramic projections and sexy beds for lounging.

Mark Lowe: “There’s an overwhelming sensuality and sensual energy.”

House master Mark Lowe, who was also a sculptor, says House will fit right into Wynwood with its artistic side.

Mark Lowe: “House is really about the idea that everything is a performance. You are never going to know if the people around you are performers or truly a part of House.”

Some of the characters you will encounter: The House baby and the House grandma. That’s all we can show you for now. You’re just going to have to break in to experience more of House’s secrets.

Belkys Nerey: “Again, the opening of House is Friday night and registered House keys are required for entry. Each week, you will have to RSVP to come to the House party. If you’ve registered and don’t yet have a key, Mark says, be patient, keys are on their way.”

1915 N.W. Miami Court