Hot For Him

WSVN — Trendsetter, Daredevil, Gadget guy. We’ve got some great ideas for every type of man on your holiday list. 7’s Shireen Sandoval went to Aventura Mall to handpick what’s hot for him.

This holiday it’s all about that bass. Bump up your man’s TV experience with a wireless Sony Sound Bar.

Lorenzo Castillo: “A lot of people don’t want cables, they want a slick look and they want a great sound quality coming out of it. You can use with your television, you can use them as an audio device.”

For the movie buff, give him a Pocket Projector from Brookstone.

Janzzy Delgado: “You can actually connect to the iPhone and iPad as well and watch any movie or video that you have on your device. You’ll be able to see any movie on any wall, where ever you like.”

Or let your daredevil make his own action movies.

Lorenzo Castillo: “The Action Cam from Sony is so great. Small, compact, great picture, all kinds of accessories for your pet, for yourself.”

For the fashion-forward man, the same ole boring jeans and sweaters won’t cut it. Dress him up in these runway-ready finds from Bloomingdale’s, like Hugo Boss denim with a coated shine or an ombre sweater.

Megan Connelly: “It’s a different take on the boring sweater. A very young trend we’re seeing are the joggers which are both comfortable and you can also dress them up because they have a great chino pocket.”

Ted Baker’s’ picks for any sharp-dressed man are colored blazers and these playful cufflinks will spruce up any suit. When it comes to cologne, go for a sampler from Sephora.

Alan Binaghi: “It includes 12 samples of sephora’s most stylish colognes housed in a classic faux leather case.”

Keep your top chef in the kitchen with you with this sharp gift from Sur La Table.”

Michael Panza: “We have the Bob Kramer essential knife set. They are super sharp, have a combination between German technology and Japanese.”

And for the man who’s glass is always half full at the end of the day, stuff his stocking with whiskey stones or a “whiskey wedge”.

Michael Panza: “You can fill up half of the glass with water, stick it in the fridge. The whiskey will rest on ice pyramid and keeps it really nice and cold.”

And hopefully, he’ll keep you nice and warm.